In any job you want to acquire (or currently have), you need a certain set of skills to perform your duties effectively. You can acquire this by having an excellent foundation – your knowledge from school, past experiences, or courses. Meanwhile, in a competitive job market, the better your skill set, the more you’re able to set yourself apart from other job seekers. Thus the importance of having highly desired job skills.

Learning New Job Skills

Acquiring or enhancing job skills can make a difference in your journey to find a new job or to secure a promotion. Nowadays, employers are actively seeking potential employees with exceptional or highly desired job skills. And these job skills are not just technical expertise – it also involves attitude, analytical skills, interpersonal and a lot more.

Highly Desired Job Skills You Should Learn

They say “there’s always room for improvement,” and with these highly desired job skills, not only you can improve yourself, but you can also contribute to the growth of your company, showing your value as an employee. Show your edge by learning these ten highly desired job skills:

Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

Employers want people who use their past experiences, creativity, and reasoning to solve problems. Employees who apply good analytical and problem-solving skills are more desirable as candidates than others because of this valuable trait.

Adaptability to New Technology

With the digital age, one must able to adapt quickly to new technology. You should easily grasp new methods, programs or tools to keep up with the changing technology. Rather, you can start by reading books, enrolling in short courses on a website like Skillshare or even YouTube.

Learning Skills

Like being able to adapt to new technology, a person should be able to acquire new things. When you’re doing a job, it’s inevitable that you will have to learn new skills. Websites like Coursera, LinkedIn’s Lynda, Udemy offers free or paid courses.

Business Analysis

Workers who can pinpoint business solutions and needs tend to be more in-demand. BA Times has a lot of free resources (articles,white papers) about business analysis.

Search Engine Marketing

Digital marketing expertise is very in demand right now. Since a lot of consumers are on the internet, with the majority of people using it to shop, being able to reach people/potential customers through search engine ads is very appealing to employers. If you’re new to digital marketing and want to learn more, try reading niche blogs to learn the latest tools and apps, or take an online course at one of the site we’ve mentioned above.

Communication Skills

This has to be to the most fundamental skill that everybody should continue to develop in their career. Communicating to others effectively is not just a skill but also a talent. Because employers like people who are able to listen, speak and write their thoughts clearly. Practice your interpersonal/intrapersonal skills with a coach to help develop your communication skills.

Time Management

Employees should know how to manage their time efficiently and have a sense of priority. One should be aware how to spend his time wisely. A smart worker utilizes tools/programs. They use tools to help save his/her time while still being productive. In addition, an easy way to get started is to make a list of your daily tasks. Set aside a dedicated amount of time for each.

Work Values

Your attitude towards work and at work really matters. Employers look for people who are dependable, have a strong sense of responsibility, professionalism, and honesty. A positive work value is easily appreciated in any profession. Read our article 8 Strategies To Improve Your Job Performance to get some tips.

Team Player

Furthermore, having the ability to work with others is also a highly desired skill. In any job, you have to learn to work with your colleagues to achieve your company’s goals. Employees should know how to utilize their skills to be a good part of the team. If you need help developing a team player mentality, check out our guide of 7 Qualities of an Effective Team Player.


A person with a strong sense of leadership and have the knowledge to manage people is a welcomed trait. Read books about leadership, go to leadership workshops and observe how your bosses manage your company for inspiration.

Remember, in any field or job: you can’t be stagnant. Much as doing your work the best you can, you also have to focus on honing your skills. Give one of these ten areas a try to help develop new skills and set yourself apart in the job market!