Habits, we all have them. Some are good and should be cultivated, and then there are bad habits. Bad habits hold us back from climbing the career ladder and can make us look unprofessional. If you have an amazing set of skills but still fail to progress at work, it may be because of your bad habits. Evaluate your work day and identify your bad habits; what can you do to change them?

Breaking Bad Work Habits

Breaking habits can feel really hard but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It can take some time, but it’s possible to replace bad habits with good ones that can improve your job performance and increase your overall productivity.

4 Bad Work Habits To Break Right Now

If you have any of these four bad habits, then you should break them right away. Here’s how you can turn them into a good habit.

Being Late

If you want to come across as a responsible employee, you must exert more effort in being punctual. Feeling rushed in the beginning of a work day can start your day off with feelings of undue stress, affecting the quality of your work and interactions. If you live in a place with a lot of traffic, allot extra time for your commute. This way, you can arrive on time or earlier at work. If you arrive before your designated start time you can use the extra minutes to freshen up or mentally prepare for your day.


Procrastination is probably on top of everyone’s bad habit list. It usually starts when you think you can finish the job fast in a short time which may cause missed deadlines due to unforeseen circumstances, scheduling conflicts, etc. Instead of procrastinating, learn how to prioritize and make sure to budget your time wisely. If procrastination is a perpetual habit that’s difficult to break, try splitting up projects into smaller increments and focus on completing one small task at a time.

Getting Distracted

Thanks to technology it’s easier more than ever to get distracted. One minute you’re working, the next thing you know you’ve been scrolling and liking pictures on Instagram. The best way to break the habit of distraction is to get rid or stay away from your usual internet haunts. Block social media sites on your computer if necessary and only pick up your phone for important matters. If you really need help, there are browser plugins that were created to specifically stop users from heading to blacklisted websites. This may be the best way to break the cycle that’s affecting your productivity.

Cluttered Workspace

Did you know that a messy desk can be a sign of a messy mind? Avoid leaving your space cluttered, take time to tidy up and organize your things before you leave and during work. Having a clean workspace also enables you to have access to things you need easily.

If you have any of these bad habits, it’s time to change them. Bad work habits hinder you to progress and can even cost you your job.