Are you having little luck finding a job? Do you want to try other methods aside from the traditional job search method? Conventional job searches required that a potential employer announces to the world (either through an ad or a recruiter) that an employee is needed and then you, the prospective employee, responds. Now, it’s a bit different. Because of the competitive job market, if you are looking for work and want to increase your chances of getting hired then you better read on. We’re going to help you find jobs by promoting yourself in non-traditional approaches and new methods that can help you land your dream job.

Why Use Non-Traditional Ways to Promote Yourself for a Job?

Gone are the days that people have to buy a newspaper and apply through the classified ads. Today, if you want to secure a job position that you really want, you have to stand out and promote yourself. You have to get yourself out there and do something amazingly different or unique that will cause the hiring manager will seek you (and not the other way around). Don’t get me wrong, you can still go through the traditional way of applying for a job and just wait for a callback, but it doesn’t hurt to complement the traditional approach with new and fresh ideas.

5 Non-Traditional Ways To Promote Yourself for a Job

Are you ready to get new ideas on how to find a new career? Here are five non-traditional ways on how you can find work by promoting yourself for a job:

Point Out a Problem

Identify a problem within an organization and the create a case study or a business plan. Pinpoint problems and then list out ways that you implement to solve the problem. This won’t always work, but if you do create a detailed and plausible business plan then you have better chances of getting hired.

Go to Social Media

You’ll be surprised at how effective it is to find work on social media. As long as your resume/portfolio are set, you can find companies or join groups on social media that are hiring. Another idea is if you’re good at doing videos or can film a skill that will be valuable for what you’re applying then go and put it on the internet. You never know, and you might just go viral. Make sure that your social media accounts are also optimized, especially LinkedIn.

Put Up A Website

A lot of hiring managers now use the internet to look for potential employees so show them where to go by putting up your own website. Put up vital info about you and publish valuable content. It would also be helpful to post and show your work, like an online portfolio. You can even show your previous work and people/companies with whom you’ve worked.


We can’t stress enough the importance of networking. By utilizing your network, you’ll be able to find jobs that are not openly advertised or jobs that are in the “hidden job market.” The hidden job market is used to describe jobs that aren’t posted online or advertised. Job seekers can tap the hidden job market by using networking connections to help find unadvertised job openings.

Niche Career Websites

When you find a legitimate niche career website that you trust, sign up then look through their job postings and see if any job interests you. If they have a profile section, make sure to complete your account and post your resume. And don’t just complete the profile for the sake of it, make sure that it’s enticing to companies/hiring managers. Niche career websites also tend to have resources that may help/guide you through any work-related issue.

The bottom line is, with the cut-throat job market, you need to utilize all the methods that can help you land a job. Whether it’s the traditional or nontraditional way to promote yourself, you’ll have better chances of getting a job when you combine these methods.