With the competitive job market, skills are not just the only requisite to get ahead in your career. In our article, “8 Ways To Speed Up Your Promotion”, we listed out eight ways how you can take your career to the next level. Now, we’re going to talk about the importance and how you can increase your visibility at work.

Why Increase Your Visibility?

You may have all the skills and qualifications necessary to do your job, but if you’re not known by key people in your company, then you’ll likely miss out on opportunities. Which is why it’s vital to increase your visibility at work. Chances are you’ll get an exposure that may come in handy in the future.

How To Increase Your Visibility At Work

Increasing your visibility at work has a lot of advantages. Here’s how you can increase your visibility at work with five easy strategies:

Be Prepared for Every Meeting

You must grab the opportunity to speak at every meeting or voice your suggestions where relevant. Make sure to present your idea briefly and concisely and ask for their feedback. The more prepared and open you are to contribute, the more your supervisors will take notice.

Be an Asset To Your Company/Organization

Make sure to improve your skills and have a consistent record of good job performance. Don’t hesitate to share your contributions and accomplishments. Be a team player when you share your achievements and don’t forget to mention the names of those people who’ve helped you. This way, you increase your visibility. At the same time, give credit to others to build rapport.

Represent Your Team

If there’s an opportunity to represent your team, volunteer and take the lead. If there are cross-department or committee meetings, ask your team or your superior if you can attend and represent your team. By doing so, colleagues and other department managers in your company will get to know and be familiar with you.

Talk To Your Colleagues

Find time to have a short conversation with your colleagues. Whenever time warrants, you can start a casual conversation by saying hello or asking them about their day and the like. Make use of this opportunity to hear your co-workers’ stories, concerns or even their accomplishments. Participate in active listening to engage your colleagues and find new opportunities where you can get involved.

Get Involved in Events

Increase your visibility at work by involving or participating in your company’s events such as conferences, charity events or even year-end parties. This will give you the opportunity to meet new people. You can also interact with them, letting them know about the nature of your work. Thus, establishing new contacts and potential opportunities.

In the end, the best way to grow and maintain visibility at work is to do your best, involve others, and acknowledge the people who’ve helped you along the way.