Whether you’ve just graduated from college and had limited work experience, needing funds for school/rent, or just plain testing what kind of organization/job you will fit into; doing short-term work with a temp agency might be one of the best ideas. Often overlooked, there are actually a lot of advantages working with a temp agency. Read on and find out the pros of working with a temporary agency.

What is a Temp Agency?

First off, what is a Temp Agency? In HowStuffWorks’ article,“How Temp Agencies Work”, they defined what a Temporary Agency is. Temporary employment agencies — popularly known as temp agencies — provide workers to a variety of businesses via short-term contracts or indefinite temporary positions.

Advantages of Working with a Temp Agency

Here are some benefits of working with a temp agency to help further your career:

Flexible Schedule

Working with a temp agency gives you the ability to have a more flexible schedule. You can choose when and how much you want to work.

Showcase Your Talents

Since you have more flexibility to find a job that fits your unique skill set, you have more opportunities for showcasing your talent.


Many temp agencies provide training to their temp workers. These trainings are valuable and may also be crucial when you transition into a permanent position.

Grow Your Network

Working with a temp agency gives you the ability to utilize their vast networks of contacts with companies and individual employees, enabling you to grow your network while working with various organizations

Gain Skills

When working in a temporary capacity, you’ll have the ability to expand your skill set and acquire on-the-job experience with new skills, while also sharpening your current skill set.

Fill In Job Gaps

Having big gaps on your resume can be quite noticeable for hiring managers. To avoid significant gaps on your resume which can turn off some managers, fill those with temporary or freelance jobs to fill your resume while learning new skills.

In conclusion, working with a temp agency has a lot of advantages. If you’re looking to gain new experience or even transition to permanent employment, starting with a temporary agency is a smart choice.