In sports, a company, or even a household, the more effective the team, the happier the individuals. Depending on each one’s capabilities or specialization any weight can be tackled if each one will be carrying their share. Being a team player is also one of the most prominent traits or job skills that employer usually look for.

Qualities of an Effective Team Player

An effective team player has a lot of exemplary qualities. Let’s consider and have a look at these seven qualities of a good and competent team player:


A good employee knows the scope of their work, what is expected of them, and goes above and beyond. Being knowledgeable also means being flexible and strategic to be able to absorb useful information around you. Broaden your knowledge by reading, watching informative videos on the internet, or working with a development coach.

Willing To Learn

Knowing things is not enough. You should be willing to learn new skills, traits and whatever is needed from you to help your duties in your job. Willingness to learn also means being open to your colleague’s ideas. Attend conferences, read books, or seek out a mentor to help gain new skills.

Always Ready to Give A Hand

Successful team players are always ready to give a hand and reach out to their members. Not only that, but they are also adaptive to other people’s working styles and capabilities, giving them the opportunity to adjust and provide assistance as needed. Being proactive by asking your colleagues if they need help and lend a hand if needed can earn big points when it’s time for a performance review.

Avoid Showing Envy or Jealousy

When someone’s focus on their work and the development of their company or team, the idea of being envious is immediately dismissed. Good employees have no time for negative issues and instead focus on their own paths. Keeping your head on your own paper is the better than focusing on others achievements so try to work on personal development and broaden your network instead of dwelling on negative issues/traits.

Shares Their Expertise

You should be ready to share your knowledge with other people since an efficient team player recognizes that the more people working and sharing their knowledge about a certain project can lead to better results. After all, two minds are better than one! Impart your knowledge to your colleagues if you can help solve a problem and work towards being seen as someone who is knowledgeable and of value to your company.

Contribute Ideas

Team members should be in an environment where everyone is comfortable in sharing their thoughts or opinions. Speak up if you think you have an idea that can help your team.

Respectful To Others

Finally, to build a strong and healthy relationship with your coworkers, it’s vital that you are respectful to them. No matter how different your ideas are or the way you tackle a certain job, you must stay professional and courteous of your team members.

To sum it up, it takes a lot to be a good team player. Don’t be afraid of unintentional failure. Instead, use that to build your skill set and learn from your mistakes. Remember, being a team player, not only benefits yourself but as well as your coworker and the company.