A Skills and Projects Repository Helps You Build a Great IT Resume

A Skills And Projects Repository Helps You Build A Great It Resume

According to research firm The Radicati Group, workers sent and received nearly 125 emails per day last year. For most IT professionals, that probably sounds like a light day given how much organizations rely on their departments.


With everything from cybersecurity and the cloud to computer systems and new technologies flowing through their group, the daily communications and activities that IT employees handle are tremendous. So much so, in fact, that it can be difficult for IT pros to remember every single task they completed for the many projects they have in the works. At the same time, that information is essential to creating the most powerful resume.


A simple, yet effective practice is to set aside time on a regular basis to capture the important details associated with what you’re working on each day. Once a week, or at whatever frequency works for you, write down the projects you worked on. Next, break down each one by the specific activities, jobs and tasks—big and small—that you were responsible for, whether it was managing or executing. Then, you can take it one step further by including the outcomes of your actions.


Creating this comprehensive repository of projects, skills, and results will give you the details you need to easily tailor your resume for each opportunity (click here to read more best practices and tips for developing a great resume in any industry). Including these attributes can be a difference-maker and help your resume really stand out among your IT peers.