As you might be aware, many industries are having critical talent shortages at this time. For many job types the demand is far outstripping the supply of high quality candidates and it’s creating tremendous stresses on hiring managers and team leaders with important positions to fill.

The truth is no “talent shortage” should stand in the way of finding the perfect new hire. As our expert recruiters prove day in and day out, finding a candidate to fit the bill is all about having access to a deep pool of talent and digging deep into the background of each candidate to know their exact skill sets and job expectations. It takes breadth AND depth of knowledge about the local talent pool to fill positions in today’s extremely strenuous job market.

As a professional search and staffing firm, our team knows well that there’s no shortage of talent. But sometimes we do have to be creative and think outside the box to make a great match that makes the candidate and the employer satisfied and successful in the long term.

Hiring a recruiter who knows your local candidate field is a great way to reduce the stress and increase the likelihood of success for filling a position, but even if you work with a recruiting firm you still need to do your homework and make sure you know exactly what you need and expect for a position, and you should be able to communicate that clearly to all the stakeholders (and to the candidate!) and be realistic about what’s required to make a placement.

Here are some tips to make your placement a rousing success:

  • Take a look at your job posting. Are you really paying enough for the job requirements? Could most candidates in this industry and at this level be reasonably expected to fulfill all of the position requirements?
  • Are the “requirements” of the position really requirements? If you can’t justify a requirement one hundred percent, throw it out. There’s no reason to require a particular certification or background in a certain program if the employee could learn it on the job.
  • If you’re unhappy with the candidates who have responded to your posting, is it possible that you have yourself to blame? Your ad brought these people in — so what went wrong? Try to get inside their heads. Why did they respond to the ad? Why do they think that they’re what you’re looking for? You may need to change a few things for the next round of postings!
  • If you’re making it difficult for candidates, they won’t be back to apply again later, nor will you get a good recommendation. We have seen far too many companies (particularly large ones) wear candidates down with lengthy applications, multiple interviews and a lack of communication. How many people have clicked on your ads, only to change their minds after seeing the application portal?

Finding great talent is easy—as long as you’re open-minded and have the right resources on your side. These tips should help you get started to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re in the Charlotte area and looking for new talent, we hope you’ll give TalentBridge a chance to do the heavy lifting! Reach out today and we’ll be glad to help you make a plan and find the people you need to take your organization to the next level!