Breaking Free from Title Bias on Resumes

Breaking Free From Title Bias On Resumes

We live in an era of job title creativity. Who wouldn’t want to be known as a “happiness engineer,” an “innovation alchemist,” or a “time ninja?” It’s all just a part of quirky company culture…until you start to look for your next job. Both recruiters and candidates are experiencing a new set of challenges as a result of the title evolution.

The titles listed above are some of the more extreme examples, but more traditional job titles can also vary greatly from job to job in the same industry; and commonly, titles really say nothing at all about the employee’s responsibilities and capabilities. So how should candidates know if they are qualified for a position? And how should recruiters and hiring managers effectively evaluate resumes?

The solution to both challenges lies in the job description and a little bit of open-mindedness.


When scanning the job boards for positions to apply for, don’t judge an opportunity by the title. Dig into the listing a little further to understand what’s expected of this employee. Do the tasks listed there align with your previous experience? Do they align with your desired (and realistic) career development path? If so, disregard the title and apply, but remember to edit your resume and cover letter first to accurately reflect why you’d be a good fit for this position.

Recruiters and Hiring Managers:

The same rules apply to your part of the process! Don’t rule out (or rule in) a candidate solely based on the job titles listed on their resume. Carefully review the bulleted responsibilities listed beneath each role. If the candidate has done their homework on the position, their experience should align with the job description regardless of whether their title is an exact match. It’s worth the extra few minutes to take an extra close look because, in today’s tight labor market, you don’t want to miss out on any qualified candidates.


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