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Featured Image: Top Ten Resume Mistakes

Top Ten Resume Mistakes

April 8, 2015 | Resume Tips

1. Never stretch the truth or lie. For instance, you might be close to earning an advanced degree or be ‘scheduled’ to receive a certification, but until you have it in hand, don’t claim to have earned it. Even small lies can be uncovered during background checks and eliminate you from contention. 2. Rush to […]

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Featured Image: Self-Marketing Advice

Self-Marketing Advice

April 8, 2015 | Career Advice, Resume Tips

1. Solid Resume Resumes should be functional in content while being presented in a reverse chronological order. Take the extra time to verify all of the dates down to the correct months. 2. Be concise Clients will want to know what you did, where. Be sure to include specific projects, results, and any tangible financial savings. 3. If you did […]

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