SAL_acceptingjob_origThey’ve offered you the position. They want you. Have you completed your due diligence?

Here are four questions you can ask your future employer to help you decide.

“What are your expectations for the role?”

Get a good understanding of the position and what you’re in for if you accept it. Determining short- and long-term goals is key to positioning yourself for success.

  • If your interviewer or potential manager cannot provide a clear answer, this could be a sign that you might be in for a loosely defined deliverable. Verify that the job comes with achievable metrics for success.
  • Know what obstacles to expect. Ask about the challenges you should expect in the job. Inevitably, there are always The answer should better prepare you to address them if you should decide to come on board.

“What professional development opportunities might I be exposed to?”

Learning about a company’s commitment to employee development signals how much the organization values its people. Similarly, companies should want to brag about this.

“How would you describe your company culture?”

Ask what a typical workday looks like and about the employer’s take on work/life balance.

  • Get a sense of the organization’s values. Find out whether they align with yours. Look for consistent responses that explicitly show, with examples, what company culture looks like.
  • Inquire about your new supervisor’s management style.

“Why do you like working here?”

The answer to this question can be very telling. You should get an immediate, sincere reaction. If your interviewer stumbles, offers a ‘canned response’, or has a tough time responding it is worth noting.

The specialized recruiters at Talent Bridge can partner with you throughout your job search process and would have covered this automatically as a part of their normal process. To learn more about our track record, resources and staff, read our related posts or contact us today.