Everyone is looking for a good match

When seeking to fill an open position, employers want to know exactly what YOU can do for them and what unique traits make you the right person for the role.

Although a laser-focused application process takes more work up front, it can be well worth it to catch the prospective employer’s eye.

Your Resume: Capture the Reader’s Attention

If you focus your cover letter and resume for each opening, screeners are more likely to single you out for an interview.

  • State a specific objective. Then, make sure the rest of your resume speaks directly to the job. As an example instance, use the exact title: “Data Analyst” in the summary or objective.
  • Match keywords to the job description. Modify your resume to include keywords. An increasing number of companies’ tracking systems mine data from your resume by relevant keywords or phrases.
  • List your most notable accomplishments at the top. The typical recruiter spends an average of only about six seconds on the initial scan of a candidate’s resume, so make that precious time count.
  • Pack a wallop with your words. Quantify your achievements with numbers and statistics. For instance, instead of simply saying, “I have effective leadership abilities,” give evidence with concrete examples, such as, “Directed a sales team to achieve a 20 percent increase in profits” or “Supervised a multidisciplinary team to install new product management software that saved $5 million in one year.”

Your Interview: Speak Their Language

When preparing for an interview, know yourself and more important, know your audience in mind.

  • Do your homework. Thoroughly research the company, its products, its competition, the position, the hiring manager, and any recent industry news and developments.
  • Show interviewers that you relate to their challenges. If you demonstrate relatable experience, and an interest in their position, they’ll find you engaging. You also may lose out on a great opportunity if you don’t ask the probing questions to get to the root of their problem.


For further guidance in tailoring your job search strategy to attract the right potential employers, contact a member of the experienced staffing team at Talent Bridge. We offer more than three decades of success matching job seekers with leading employers in the Charlotte market.