Long-term employees are the key to the lasting success of every organization. If you’re constantly receiving resignation letters, every aspect of your company will suffer.

When people are truly satisfied with their jobs, they don’t look elsewhere for work. It’s important to uncover the reason behind your high rates of attrition now, so you can find a solution to the problem, as it’s likely impacting morale, productivity and your bottom line.

Find the Right Candidates the First Time

If you’re fed up with the high attrition levels at your company, consider joining forces with a staffing partner who can help make this an issue of the past. Working with a staffing agency offers countless advantages, including:

  1. Hiring the Right Person for the Job: Staffing firms look at more than just a candidate’s resume to find the perfect person for the job. Recruiters are specially trained to identify the personality traits that make someone a great fit for your company, increasing the chance of finding a long-term employee.
  2. Improved Employee Morale: When a person quits their job, the remaining staff members are left to take on the additional work load until a new person is hired and trained ─ which often takes months. However, a staffing firm has a pool of qualified workers on hand at all times, making it a quick and easy process to find the best person for the job.
  3. Cutting Costs: Not only do high attrition rates make a dent in employee morale, they can also be detrimental to your budget. Partnering with a staffing agency to find long-term employees can significantly increase your bottom line.
  4. Creating a Stronger Company Culture: It’s impossible to maintain a strong company culture when employees are constantly coming and going. When you hire the right people, they stick around for years ─ maybe even their entire career. Your staffing partner can work with you to create a company culture that makes people proud to work for your organization.


Tired of losing your top employees to your competitors? Contact the recruiting experts at Talent Bridge today. We understand the detrimental effects on morale and productivity that a critical vacancy can cause. We also understand the long-term yield that a productive hire brings.