Whether you simply don’t have the time to manage your hiring process or are thinking of making a change following a series of bad hires, working with a staffing firm can be a great idea. Don’t put your own work on hold while you post jobs, screen resumes, and conduct interviews ─ let a highly skilled recruiter do the work for you.

Five Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Firm

Not quite convinced a staffing firm can help you meet your needs? Learn five advantages of working with a staffing partner:

  • Save Time: When an employee resigns, it can take months to find a replacement. Meanwhile work piles up and other employees are forced to pick up the slack. However, staffing firms have a talent pool filled with candidates ready to get to work. In fact, there’s a good chance they have someone ready to start tomorrow!
  • Gain Access to Top Talent: Many of the best candidates will never apply to your job postings, because they’re not looking for work. Staffing firms work hard to find these talented individuals and maintain relationships with them, so they’re able to contact them when a position matching their interests opens up.
  • Make Better Hires: Often times it’s hard to know whether a candidate will succeed at your company or not, but you don’t have to take on this risk when working with a staffing firm. Recruiters are specially trained to find candidates that are a good fit for both your organization and the position.
  • Cut Costs: Hiring a new employee costs a lot more than simply paying their salary ─ and it gets even pricier if the person turns out to be a bad hire.  The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates the cost of losing an employee is six-to-nine months’ salary. Significantly reduce these costs by working with a staffing firm. Not only will they streamline the hiring process to make it more efficient, most also guarantee their candidates, so if the person doesn’t work out, they’ll find a replacement at no cost to you.
  • Extra Help When You Need It: Whether you need extra help during your busy season or someone with a very specific skillset to work on a project, sometimes you just need to hire people on a temporary basis. A staffing firm can help you find candidates willing to take on contract and temporary assignments, so you only pay for additional help when you need it.


Thinking of taking on a staffing partner? Contact Talent Bridge. We live and work here and are committed to the Charlotte community. Unlike the behemoth national firms that simply hang out a shingle here, we are committed to the local employment market as our priority.