Social media has evolved from a fun way to connect with family and friends to an integral part of the business world. Not only do companies now maintain a strong social media presence ─ they also follow yours.

If you haven’t been having a lot of luck in your job search, your social media profiles could be to blame. While photos of your weekend antics might be a big hit with your friends, employers are less-than-impressed when your personal life is so easily accessible.

Every social media platform has privacy settings for a reason ─ to keep your personal life private. Be sure to periodically check all your settings to ensure the public only has access to your professional posts. Maintain this solid lockdown on your personal content by not accepting “follow” or “friend” requests from employers or anyone you don’t know.

Three Ways to Use Social Media to Build Your Reputation

Not quite sure how to use social media professionally? Get started with the following three tips:

  1. Position Yourself as an Industry Expert: Make it clear that you’re well-versed in the latest industry trends by sharing relevant articles, posting your thoughts on key issues and posing thought-provoking questions to your followers. Employers want to hire someone genuinely interested in the job ─ not those just looking for a way to earn a paycheck.
  2. Connect with Other Professionals: Build an impressive online presence by connecting with others in your industry. Not only does it look good to have an extensive network, you’re also bound to gain valuable insights from posts by your peers. In fact, fostering these relationships could even lead to job opportunities.
  3. Follow Industry Leaders: Show that you’re familiar with the top people in your industry by keeping up with them on social media. Employers can easily view the list of users you’re following, making it easy to see that you’re “in the know.” This makes you appear very career-focused, which is bound to impress any company.


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