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It’s perfectly natural to be nervous heading into a job interview.  Take a moment and reassure yourself that the company wants to meet you – so get to it and embrace the process in getting to meet someone new.

Obviously, your interview will be a success if you and your interviewers get along well. They already know your background, your skills and your qualifications. Now it’s time for them to get to know you.

The Subjective Factor

The subjective factor has a halo effect that can carry over from your interview to the decision-making phase of the hiring process.  It’s how you project through your mode of communicating and establishing chemistry with the interviewer. While your accomplishments and abilities can put you in the chair with other top candidates, it’s your likeability that ultimately tips the scales in your favor.

Engage Them

Let your personality shine through.

  • Segue in. An interview is not a social hour, tell them what a pleasure it is to meet them and that you’re excited about the job. Ask them how long they’ve worked for the company, if they don’t launch right into interview mode.
  • Smile. Let your interviewers see you smile and don’t be afraid to let them hear you laugh. These are gestures that can help build rapport and thus enhance the impression that they have of you.
  • Pre prepared to ask questions. Naturally, as you interact with your interviewers throughout the conversation, it’s critical to also plan questions to engage the interviewer’s perspective. This shows that you’ve been listening, have done your research on the company, and are truly interested in the job opportunity.
  • Don’t forget to thank them. Tell your interviewers how much you’ve appreciated and enjoyed the experience, and that you look forward to hearing from them soon. Write a handwritten thank-you note the right away. Make sure to mention something specific from your conversation that sparked your further interest in joining the organization.

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