Many employers  look for a history of longevity in service when considering  candidates for a position. But could you be missing out on excellent people by judging them on the length of time on the job? The economic climate has changed over the last few years, and frequent job changes don’t always bear the stigma they once did. Some clients are looking twice.  Are you potentially missing out?

Consider These Reasons a Candidate May Be a Job Hopper.

Quick progression. If every job the candidate took was a move up the corporate ladder, they may just be a star performer. Don’t miss out on a top candidate by misunderstanding  their career path via the resume.

Dynamic industry. Are they in a field that changes quickly or often relies on contract help? Technical professionals especially may jump from project to project, taking on new challenges and building new skills and competencies.  Better yet, they might be highly recruited because of their talent!

Career novice. If the candidate is young, a few career shifts has become much more acceptable.  Today, they  are almost even expected as they get their feet wet in the business.

Wrong place at the wrong time. The past 10 years have been challenging for most industries.  Plenty of talented people have been caught up in one layoff after another when companies downsize, merge or eliminate entire departments. What may look like job hopping could be a candidate with a record of consistently landing on their feet.

Be prudent and Look Out For The Red Flags.

Employment gaps.  Is the candidate jumping right from one job to another, or are there unexplained gaps in their resume?

Lack of goals. Can the candidate share any long-range plans or ambitions, or are they just traveling wherever the wind blows them?

Questionable references. Are their references bona fide employers? Contact previous supervisors or press the candidate for more appropriate references.

Protect Yourself and Your Organization.

Gather some third party validation. Check all references and conduct a thorough background screening. Ask behavioral questions during the interview process. By asking questions that probe the candidate’s motivations and ambitions, you can assess whether they are worth taking a chance on.

Consider also, what your company offers to incent employees to stay.  If the candidate can advance their career inside your organization, they are less likely to seek new challenges elsewhere.

The recruitment experts at Talent Bridge can help you thoroughly assess the candidates you consider to increase your hiring and business success, and build high performing teams. We can help you strategize, develop and implement hiring process to ensure you find the top-tier candidates you deseve. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.