Are you great with numbers, pristinely organized, and enjoy the opportunity for continuing education? If so, working as a tax analyst might be your ideal career. As part of the accounting umbrella, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in tax, accounting, audit or business management is typically needed to work in the field.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of May 2013, approximately 6.2 percent of the Charlotte area was employed in the business and financial operations sector ─ significantly higher than the 5.0 percent averaged nationwide. In fact, with employment of 9,390, accountants and auditors are the largest occupation within this group. These financial experts earn a mean hourly wage of $35.75 or $74,360 per year.

As most companies rely on those working in the accounting and auditing field to ensure their financial records are accurate and taxes are paid on time, these professionals enjoy considerable job security. The BLS predicts employment for these workers will grow at a steady rate of 13 percent from 2012 to 2022 ─ faster than the national average of 11 percent.

Working as a Tax Analyst

A tax analyst is responsible for ensuring a company’s taxes are prepared using accepted industry practices, to satisfy fiscal rules and regulatory requirements. They’re also charged with reviewing the company’s financial information to identify ways to save money on taxes.

Specific job duties of a tax analyst may vary, but typically include:

  • Preparing taxes for monthly, quarterly and annual filings
  • Searching for and developing effective ways to improve processes
  • Researching and resolving tax issues
  • Ensuring the company complies with state, local and international rules and regulations
  • Serving as an in-house expert on tax laws and regulations
  • Performing account reconciliations
  • Providing assistance in tax planning projects

Working as a Tax Analyst in Charlotte

Every company in Charlotte is responsible for filing taxes compliant with state, local and national regulations. As a tax analyst, you’ll have your choice of companies to work for, allowing you to choose the direction of your career. In fact, gaining experience as a tax analyst can open the door to more advanced roles as a senior accountant, offering the highly coveted upward mobility not offered by many other positions.

Want to become a tax analyst? At Talent Bridge, we’re here to help you find a fulfilling new job that you truly enjoy. Contact us to get started on finding work in this mentally stimulating and rewarding field.