Are you super organized, always on time, and a pro at scheduling? If so, you may be a natural as an executive assistant.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 6,530 people in the Charlotte area are employed as executive assistants, as of May 2012.

Executive assistants working in the Charlotte area earn an average of $23.04 per hour or $47,920 per year. This is slightly above the national average of $47,500 for the position.

Professionals working in the field can expect a strong sense of job security, as the BLS predicts employment to grow at a steady rate of 12 percent from 2012 to 2022.

Working as an Executive Assistant

Some might say an executive assistant is the backbone of an organization. These professionals are tasked with keeping behind-the-scenes operations running smoothly for top company executives. No two days are the same in the life of a busy executive assistant, as these multitalented workers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks.

Job descriptions vary for each executive assistant, but if you choose to take on this exciting career, you may be tasked with responsibilities including:

  • Preparing complex reports for senior management.
  • Managing a team of clerical staff.
  • Greeting and welcoming guests, including other high-level executives.
  • Making travel arrangements and even traveling with senior management, keeping them prepared and organized on the road.
  • Maintaining the calendars of senior management, making sure to schedule meetings and other appointments appropriately.
  • Attending meetings to take notes for executives ─ both with them and in their absence.
  • Preparing reports for executives by reading, researching, and compiling important data.
  • Keeping confidential client and company information safe and secure.
  • Answering the private phone line of the executive, routing calls, and responding to emails on their behalf.


Finding Work as an Executive Assistant in Charlotte

Senior management at most companies in Charlotte rely on the help of an executive assistant to make it through the day. If you’re hoping to find work in a specific industry, neighborhood, or even a position with a certain type of schedule, there’s a good chance there’s a job out there to meet your needs.

Ready to start your career as an executive assistant? At Talent Bridge we want to help you find your ideal position. We’ll work with you to find opportunities that match with your career goals, so you can evaluate your choices and decide which position is your best fit. Contact us to get started.