Employees resign from their positions for countless reasons ─ a better opportunity elsewhere, relocation, unhappiness in their position, family issues, and more. No company is immune to turnover, but there is a difference between normal amounts and excessive levels.

Whether you’re experiencing a great deal of turnover or minimal amounts, it’s always wise to conduct exit interviews with employees who have voluntarily resigned from the company. Information gathered during these interviews can be used to identify common reasons people opt to leave your company, allowing you to resolve the problem.

5 Topics to Include in an Exit Interview

It’s important to conduct an exit interview properly, to get the most from it. Always have a neutral third party speak with the employee, to ensure responses are genuine. After all, no one wants to tell their boss they’ve decided to resign because of their poor management skills.

Ask the employee why they’ve chosen to resign and get as many details on their new job as they’re willing to divulge. It’s also important to ask questions regarding their satisfaction on the following five topics, to see what your company is doing great and recognize areas for improvement:

  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Job satisfaction level
  • Relationship with management
  • Company culture


Reduce Turnover with a Staffing Partner

Partnering with a staffing firm can help to significantly reduce turnover. Talented recruiters can use the information gathered during exit interviews to determine which types of candidates are the best fit for your organization. A staffing firm can also work with your company to resolve common issues causing employees to resign.

Often, the reason people quit their jobs is very simple ─ they weren’t a good fit for the organization. Every talented worker can’t thrive at every company, and that’s okay. Recruiters are specially trained to identify candidates who are both qualified for the position and a great fit for your culture, so they want to make your company a part of their long-term career plan.

Experiencing high turnover at your company? Let Talent Bridge help! We’ll take the time to get to know your organization, so we can identify the best candidates to fill your open positions ─ effectively reducing turnover.