Millennials have a lot to add to the workforce. They’re energetic, eager to learn and passionate about everything they do. However, this young generation is also commonly characterized as entitled, coddled and overly sensitive.

If you already have a few on your team, you’re well aware that you need to take an entirely different approach to managing millennials than the approach used with your more seasoned staff. While it’s important to be a bit more empathetic, you also must provide structure in their day, so they know exactly what’s expected of them. Remember to also give constant feedback, listen to their ideas and promote teamwork.

Managing millennials certainly involves different tactics than needed to oversee baby boomers and Gen-Xers, but don’t underestimate this generation. They’re tech savvy, ambitious and ready to make a name for themselves at your organization.

4 Ways to Attract Millennial Talent

Before you have the chance to manage millennials, you’ll need to hire them. Not quite sure how to make them want to work at your company? Follow these four tips to draw these young workers in:

  1. Provide Attractive Benefits: It goes without saying that you should provide an attractive standard benefits package ─ insurance, retirement, paid time off, etc. However, millennials also value benefits like flexible hours, remote working arrangements and an enjoyable work environment.
  2. Offer Development Opportunities: Draw millennials in by positioning your company as a place where they can grow their career. Offer training opportunities where they can improve their skills, and showcase the ability to advance in the company.
  3. Emphasize Philanthropy: Millennials are do-gooders working to make the world a better place. They don’t just want to work for any company ─ they seek out organizations that allow them to help others. If your company doesn’t naturally fall into this category, consider partnering with a nonprofit or creating a charity policy to promote philanthropy.
  4. Pay a Competitive Salary: While pay is not the only important career factor to this young age group, it is a significant one. Millennials want to know they’ll make enough money to comfortably support themselves.

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