If you’ve ever found a candidate with a seemingly perfect resume, but a less-than-stellar personality, you’re well aware there’s much more to hiring than simply reviewing resumes.

In the past, hiring managers chose candidates based on skills and experience alone. It was essentially assumed that a person could excel at their job if their resume said all the right things. However, looking good on paper is far from a guarantee that a candidate is the ideal fit for the position.

3 Key Attributes to Look for in a Candidate

Sure, having the base skills to successfully complete the job is essential, but don’t make a hiring decision until you’ve found a candidate who embodies the following three characteristics:

  1. Room to Grow: Look for a candidate with a strong potential for growth. You want to hire employees with the ability learn and adapt to new situations as your company continues to evolve. If a person has all the right skills but can only apply them in certain situations, they’re not a real asset to the organization. It’s important to find someone with the desire and ability to grow with you.
  2. Personality: People prefer working with others they genuinely enjoy. Making sure the candidate is a good personality fit for your organization is essential, as clashes can lead to decreased productivity and high rates of turnover. A person may have all the right skills and experience, but will not succeed if they’re not a good personality fit.
  3. Overall Cultural Fit: While personality is certainly a huge part of cultural fit, it’s just one aspect. It’s important to assess a candidate’s overall fit for your organization prior to making a hiring decision. Make sure their values, beliefs and behaviors align with those that represent your company. After all, if your employees don’t embody these traits, you can’t expect your company to continue to do so in the long run.

If you’re dedicated to finding the right person for the job, contact Talent Bridge. We’re committed to the total satisfaction of both our clients and candidates. We personally interview all candidates and take time to understand their expectations, needs, and wants. In addition, we check professional references and verify credentials and education.