Choosing the right candidate for the job is often a very difficult decision. It’s important to ensure the person has both the necessary skills to excel in the position and that they fit into your company culture ─ anything less just won’t do.

While it’s relatively easy to ensure the candidate has the necessary skill set for the position, ensuring they’re a good fit for your company culture can be a bit more challenging. Be sure they understand what your organization stands for by incorporating questions into the interview to see why they think they’re a good fit for the company. Ask, “How will you impact culture and success?” to learn how the person believes they’ll fit into your bottom line.

This line of questioning allows you to make sure the candidate understands your company culture and knows how they can contribute to it.

Make the Right Hiring Decision Every Time

After spending time posting the position on job boards, screening resumes, and interviewing candidates, it can be extremely frustrating when someone doesn’t work out. Not only that ─ the costs associated with turnover can be detrimental. While they won’t likely appear on your bank statement, hidden fees can really add up. Turnover impacts a number of aspects of your company, including:

  • Overworked Employees: Existing employees are forced to pick up the slack when you’re down a team member. This often leaves them overworked ─ lowering morale and job satisfaction.
  • Lack of Productivity: It’s inevitable that some tasks are going to be left untouched until a new hire is made. This means your business isn’t functioning at the necessary level to maximize profits.
  • Time Spent Looking for a New Candidate: Most small businesses don’t have an HR team to recruit candidates ─ instead, this task falls on the hiring manager. This person is forced to take time away from their busy workload and dedicate themselves to finding yet another person to fill the position.

Finding the right person for the job the first time is essential, as the costs associated with turnover are anything but cheap. Take the time to make the right hiring decision the first time, so you don’t find yourself looking for yet another candidate all too soon.

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