Effectively managing your personal brand is key to your career success, both during and after your job search. Social media is in the forefront of hiring and recruitment, so be sure you present yourself online in the right way, as you proactively boost and promote your brand.

  • Nearly half (48 percent) of recruiters refer to candidates’ personal websites and other social media platforms when evaluating candidates.
  • Seventy percent of employers report they have rejected candidates because of information they found online.

Make it a habit to spend about 15 minutes a day, at least twice a week, developing your social media image. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Craft a Brand Statement

Your brand is as unique as you are. It portrays the best you have to offer when it comes to performance, accomplishments, business contributions, and the value that your next employer can expect from you.

  • Compile all the qualities that differentiate you from the competition. Ask your peers and trusted associates to give you feedback on your top assets and strengths. A measure of your personal brand is what people who work with you have to say about you.
  • From here, build a brand statement that you use consistently across all social media. You can also use it as the basis of your 60-second elevator speech and other tactics to be employed when interviewing and networking face-to-face.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

A professional and complete LinkedIn profile is essential in today’s job market. It is often used as your resume, or at least referred to at some point during the recruitment process.

  • Include as many relevant details as possible. Unlike your printed resume, you’re not limited to one-to-two pages. And you never know: Even that fast-food training you completed for your first job while in school may resonate with a hiring manager. They may have completed the same program and know the value of certain skills you acquired – as long as you present the information well.
  • Use the right keywords. Align them with the job description. This maximizes the chance of your profile showing up in searches.

Mind Your Facebook Image

A growing percentage of hiring managers go beyond LinkedIn and look at candidates’ Facebook accounts. Be consistently mindful of the content and images that are posted on your own account or are connected to you in any way.

As you develop your personal brand – both on- and offline – consider partnering with a specialized recruiter from Talent Bridge. In the Charlotte market and beyond, we are candidate driven and committed to helping you find the position that best suits your short and long-term career goals. Read our related posts or contact our experienced staffing team today to learn more.