When you’re job searching, you need to leverage every opportunity to attract the attention of recruiters and prospective employers. The beauty of LinkedIn is that it allows them to find you – versus the other way around.

Keep your LinkedIn profile high by being active, joining groups, and participating in discussions. You can join up to 50 groups at no charge. Doing this allows you to:

  • Stay visible with employers and recruiters.
  • Extend your personal brand.
  • Reach out to more people. You can directly contact group members.
  • Access job postings, discussions and updates.

It’s a good idea to join both general and niche LinkedIn groups to get the optimal benefit from the information provided, as well as increase your visibility.

Which Groups to Join

Here’s a list of useful LinkedIn groups to get you started:

  • A Job Needed – A Job Posted: The title sums it up in describing this rapidly growing group. It’s for LinkedIn members who are currently job hunting, as well as recruiters willing to help them out. There are close to 56,000 members.
  • Career Explorer: Most group members are categorized as “Entry” by LinkedIn and subgroups are based on colleges, so this is a useful group for recent graduates. However, discussions are relevant to general job search topics. Career Explorer has more than 49,000 members.
  • JOBS: Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections: With approximately 1,800,000 members, this is one of LinkedIn’s largest groups. Moderators have specific rules; for instance, discussions should be “entirely self-contained” and should not send members outside LinkedIn.
  • Job-Hunt Help: This group encourages members to “offer or seek advice and support for job hunting – helping, not selling.” It has nearly 14,400 members.
  • Linked-HR: A group for managers, corporate recruiters, HR professionals – and you. It’s also one of LinkedIn’s largest groups, with more than 950,000 members.
  • Jobs Alert: This group provides management-level opportunities at companies across the globe, with a focus on the U.S., the UK and India. Jobs Alert has more than 22,000 members.
  • Charlotte Job Seekers & Recruiters Network: Job seekers as well as HR pros and recruiters participate in this LinkedIn group. You can post your job requests and resume and get updates on career-oriented seminars and other resources. You need to stay involved and keep things up to date, as material is removed after two weeks otherwise. This group is small, with just over 500 members, but offers a local and regional bend.

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