The importance of hiring the right people for your team cannot be downplayed, as a bad hire can negatively impact your entire organization. However, there is such a thing as being too cautious when making a hiring decision.

If your company has a long, drawn-out hiring process, you actually may be doing more harm than good. While top talent expects to be properly vetted, they typically won’t wait around too long for you to make a decision on their future with the company.

Four Reasons a Drawn-Out Interview Process Can Cost You Top Talent

If you’ve made a habit of dragging your feet through the hiring process, learn four reasons to put a stop to this practice immediately:

  1. You Appear Indecisive: Top talent wants to work for a company that sets goals and meets deadlines. If a candidate expected to hear back on their status for a position, but continues to follow up without any response, they will doubt that they are still in the running. During the interview process, a candidate is evaluating you as a potential employer, and providing prompt feedback is key to showing decisiveness.
  2. Risk Losing Out to Another Company: The best and brightest candidates have their choice of companies to work for. It’s important to hire these people fast, as any delay could cause you to lose out to another company who has their eye on them.
  3. They Lose Interest: Going through countless rounds of interviews that don’t result in a hiring decision can be very taxing. After a while, there’s a good chance these highly qualified candidates are going to become annoyed and sever ties with your company before ever getting started.
  4. Raises Concerns on the Importance of the Position: Highly motivated candidates with exceptional talent seek positions where they’ll have the chance to make an impact. By delaying a hiring decision, you’re sending the message that the position isn’t important enough to fill immediately, which is a complete turn off to someone who wants to make a difference.

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