You can tell a lot about a candidate based on the types of questions they ask. Remember: It’s not just your interview; it’s theirs, too. By being prepared to answer these questions, you’ll be better positioned to attract and close the best talent. At the same time, you’ll gain valuable insight into a candidate’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, knowledge and skills – and determine whether they’ll be the right cultural fit.

Among typical questions posed by leading candidates are:

What’s the most important goal the person in this role needs to accomplish?

The candidate is trying to determine the real job needs, as well as clarify your expectations and find out the scope and importance of the job.

Why is this position open?

The point of this question is to discover if there is some inherent problem with the job or if it’s the result of a positive development. It also may be a way for the candidate to gauge your ability to select and develop people.

How will my performance be measured?

Be prepared to give a very specific response. Have a defined strategy, even if the position is brand new.

What is your vision for the department and the role?

This question is designed to reveal your capabilities and aspirations, as well as the upside potential of the job.

How would you describe the general culture at this company?

A candidate may word this question a number of ways; for instance, “How are decisions made here?” This is a probe into your working environment and the overall feel of your organization. The candidate wants to see what really lies behind your platitudes and fancy vision statement. Give an honest, thoughtful answer, because cultural fit is one of your most critical hiring success factors.

Where do you see the organization in the next five-to-10 years?

A prospective hire is trying to identify where they fit into your company over the long term. Generally, this question is a good sign that they’re not looking for a “stepping stone” job, but would be interested in growing with your organization.

Why would prospective candidate want to work here versus your competitors?

The best candidates want to learn more about you in order to see if your value structures align. Your response is your opportunity to really sell your organization to top talent. Have your compelling pitch ready, because the best of the best have multiple options when it comes to their next place of employment.

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