To those not involved in the staffing process, it may come as a bit of a surprise that recruiters and HR pros don’t always see eye-to-eye. However, professionals working in these positions are all too familiar with issues that commonly arise when these two sides get together.

Ultimately, recruiters and HR pros are working towards the same shared goal of finding candidates to fill open positions at the company. Learn the top three reasons these two teams don’t get along and how their common rifts can be overcome:

1)   HR Pros Have a Need for Speed: When working with a staffing agency, HR pros typically assume recruiters should be able to fill open positions on the spot. While recruiters do have access to a large talent pool, it can take a little time to interview and screen top candidates to find the best person for the job. Recruiters are very focused on the quality of each hire, so it’s important for both sides to be upfront on timeframes, so realistic expectations are set from the start.

2)   Recruiters Want to Get Started Immediately: Recruiters know HR pros want to hire candidates as soon as possible, so they want to get started on the search immediately. However, HR often needs a little time to determine a required start date, salary, job description, necessary experience, and other pertinent details. It can take time to gain the necessary approvals, especially in a big company, which often causes recruiters to get a bit impatient. This issue can easily be resolved with proper communication. When HR keeps recruiters updated on the current status of the approval process, they aren’t left to wonder what’s causing the delay.

3)   HR Pros Expect the Ideal Candidate: HR is right to have high expectations for the best candidate. However, this often causes a rift not because recruiters can’t deliver, but because HR hasn’t properly expressed what they’re looking for in a new hire. To address this problem, it’s important for companies to provide recruiters with detailed hiring criteria for each open position. Additionally, offering feedback on each candidate ─ both positive and negative ─ allows the recruiter to refine their search strategy accordingly.

The recruiting process is a partnership between the staffing agency and the client. At Talent Bridge we want to team up with your company to help you find the best candidates to fill your open positions. Contact us today to get started.