How much time did you spend on your last hire?   How much money?  How much aggravation?

If you are truly partnering with your recruiting firm relationship they can serve as an extension of your in-house HR staff, helping them to exceed hiring goals and freeing up their valuable time to attend to other needs. The right partnership results in a priceless synergy.

To get the most out of your recruitment partner:

Be Direct About Your Needs

Clearly communicate your company’s hiring requirements and timetables to your recruiting firm. Indoctrinate their recruiters into your workplace and its culture. They will want more than a stock and lifeless Job Description.

  • Your staffing partner should know and understand your company firsthand. They will assimilate into your culture and fully understand the type of persons who will excel with your organization.
  • Keep them in the loop. Inform your staffing partner of all relevant developments and changes in your sourcing and talent management needs. Review new hires’ progress with them on a regular basis. This allows your staffing firm to further tailor its services to you.

Tap Into Agency Resources

The best niche staffing firms offer recruitment experts with direct experience in your industry. This brings with it unique insight into current hiring trends and best practices. Among other benefits, they can help you craft compensation packages designed to lock in top talent and keep them away from your competitors.

Especially in cases of hard-to-find skill sets, every hiring step takes time and attention to detail. If the process drags out, your superstar candidate won’t hesitate to go elsewhere. Your staffing firm will keep the process moving on track, pinpointing candidates that match even the most specialized sourcing profiles.

Would you like to learn more about the possibility of partnering with a specialized firm for talent management in the accounting, finance, mortgage and customer support and IT areas? If so, read our related posts or contact Talent Bridge today.