Social media has revolutionized the way we do business.

More than 70 percent of recruiters use social media for their daily HR activities. Close to 50 percent of workers were born after 1980 – and by 2025, more than 75 percent will be members of the “social media generation.” In other words, they will have grown up with real-time social communication as the norm. Social networks, apps and websites have reinvented how job seekers search and apply for work. It’s imperative that you make these networks a central part of your employer branding and talent management strategies.

Tell Your Story

Employer branding is all about content, so optimize social platforms to tell your unique story. Why would A-level talent want to come to work for you versus the competition? What would compel passive candidates to leave a comfortable position and advance their career with your organization? You need a dynamic, real-time approach – and the more transparent, open and fun you can make it, the better.

  • Start with the “big three” and expand your reach from there. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are musts, but increase your strategy to encompass Glassdoor, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms to round out your brand marketing plan. And make it mobile friendly.
  • Social media platforms are especially useful in engaging passive candidates. At any given time, 80 to 90 percent of the global workforce consists of employed professionals who are not actively looking for jobs but remain open to discussing potential opportunities. Typically, the best talent is not actively searching. Of 225 million LinkedIn members, 80 percent are passive candidates.

Engage Top Talent

Social media has made sourcing and recruitment extremely user friendly. Engage talent and share information to make your company and its culture attractive.

  • In today’s connected, mobile world, candidate expectations are high. Focus on their wants and needs and on making their lives easier. Build talent communities by shifting away from traditional, reactive recruiting and making it personal instead of transactional.
  • Capture rich data that can be stored and utilized for strategic hiring initiatives. Build databases of social profiles, competitor intelligence and past applicants.

It’s All Measurable

When it comes to social media, you know almost instantly what’s working, what isn’t and what needs improvement. Learn which tools work the best for your needs. Set short and long-term goals and then define your voice. Know your culture and how you want to be perceived by top-performing employment prospects. Then refine your strategy from there.

The Talent Bridge team takes a partnership approach in assessing your branding and recruitment needs and positioning you for success in today’s talent marketplace. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.