Company leadership can make or break the success of your entire organization. If you’re looking for new managers to fill key positions, it’s essential to make sure you choose the right people.  Not everyone is management material. While some high-performing employees may seem like the obvious choice for a leadership role, they may not have the skills it takes to perform in a management position.

5 Key Qualities of Successful Modern Managers

The role of a manager has evolved significantly throughout the years. While certain traits were once essential to effectively perform the job, many are no longer effective. Prior to choosing candidates for management positions at your company, it’s important to ensure they embody the following five characteristics of the modern manager:

  1. Excellent Motivator: Good managers want to do anything they can to help their employees succeed. Rather than taking the credit for a job well done themselves, they must serve as the biggest advocate of their team. It’s their job to motivate their employees to achieve their goals.
  2. Outstanding Leader: Supporting an initiative is great, but the best managers don’t just observe from afar ─ they join in. These professionals follow the same practices and procedures as their employees, giving them a great example to model themselves after.
  3. Highly Adaptable: Change happens in every organization, so it’s essential for mangers to be incredibly versatile to help their team adjust. Managers with a flexible attitude are willing to embrace a new way of doing things, helping to make positive changes throughout the company.
  4. Exceptional Communicator: Managers are often privy to important company information that needs to be shared with their teams, so it’s important that they’re able to effectively relay these messages. It’s also their job to make sure employees understand exactly what is expected of them on each project, so they must have the ability to clearly articulate what they’re thinking.
  5. Good Listener: In the past, managers were characterized by somewhat of a dictator mentality, where employees simply took orders and did as they were told. However, this tactic is no longer effective. A successful modern manager must have the ability to listen to the thoughts and opinions of their employees, as people perform best when they feel like their voice is heard.

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