The departure of any employee typically results in mass chaos and a temporary decrease in productivity. However, the exit of a person holding a leadership role can cause your entire organization to unfold. Consequently, it’s essential to have a succession plan in place, designating a specific person to take the reins immediately following their departure.

4 Tips to Create an Effective Succession Plan

If there currently isn’t a succession plan in place at your organization, use the following four tips to make one:

  1. Start Early: The earlier you begin your search for a successor, the better your options. If you wait until the employee submits their resignation letter, you’ll be scrambling for anyone with the bandwidth to take on additional responsibilities immediately ─ not necessarily the best person for the job. Key team members understand the weight their position carries and the need to identify a successor, even if they plan to stay with the company for years to come.
  2. Evaluate Your Options: The best choice for a successor isn’t always the most obvious. Take their experience, personality and leadership skills into consideration prior to making a decision. A person holding a key position can’t just be good at their job ─ they also need to have the aptitude to work well with others and serve as a great example to the entire team.
  3. Providing Training: It’s not enough to simply name a successor, as the person cannot be effective without a proper transfer of knowledge. Partner the key employee with their named successor in a mentorship role to provide a comprehensive level of training. Ensure the two meet regularly, and when possible, involve the successor in some of the day-to-day tasks associated with the position.
  4. Work with Your Staffing Partner: Create a plan with your staffing partner detailing the steps you’ll take if you decide to hire from the outside. Planning ahead allows you to start the hiring process immediately, to find a permanent replacement as soon as possible.

Need a little help creating a robust succession plan? Contact Talent Bridge today. Our team has more than 30 years of experience helping clients achieve their staffing goals. We’ll partner with you to develop a plan to quickly and efficiently find the best possible replacement when key talent leaves.