Hiring decisions are the most important choices you make on behalf of your organization, so it’s essential to ensure you take the time to make the right one. If you need extra help now, but aren’t sure you’ll need it on a permanent basis, temp-to-perm staffing can serve as a great option.

Your staffing partner will work with you to find qualified candidates willing to work for your company on a temporary basis for the interim ─ with the possibility of permanent employment in the future. This allows both of you to test the waters and see if the worker is a good fit, without making any commitments.

4 Advantages of Temp-to-Perm Staffing

Thinking of hiring your next employee on a temp-to-perm basis? Learn four advantages of using this savvy staffing method:

  1. No Obligations: After meeting for only a short time in a job interview, it can be difficult to know if they’re a good fit for your company. Rather than taking a risk on a permanent hire that may or may not work out, you’re able to give them a trial run to determine whether the arrangement should continue on a permanent basis.
  2. Increased Flexibility: It’s very frustrating to hire a permanent employee to help out during a busy period, but still have to keep them on if things slow down. When taking on a temp-to-perm worker, enjoy the flexibility to gauge whether or not you need the additional help for the long term.
  3. Save Time: The hiring process is incredibly time-consuming. However, opting for a temp-to-perm candidate offers the ability to save an immense amount of time. If the temporary employee works out, you simply hire them on a permanent basis ─ no writing job descriptions, sorting through resumes or additional interviewing needed.
  4. Reduce Costs: Hiring a temp-to-perm worker is an incredibly cost-effective move. Your staffing agency is responsible for payroll administration and benefits for all temporary workers, so you can avoid these costs while deciding if the person will become part of your team on a permanent basis. Additionally, you’ll escape the costs associated with a bad hire, which can be immense.

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