The job market isn’t just competitive for candidates looking for a new position ─ it’s also challenging for companies. Employers are tasked with finding ways to attract and retain top talent, instead of losing them to the competition.

Wondering if there’s a common link between top employers? There certainly is, as these companies provide workers with a number of benefits designed to make each day on the job a rewarding one.

Five Common Characteristics of Top-Rated Employers

Want to know the secret behind companies with sky-high employee satisfaction? The following five features are often offered by top employers:

  • Commitment to Ongoing Learning: Employees value a company that is willing to invest in them. Organizations that provide ongoing learning opportunities are typically rewarded with high retention and employee satisfaction rates. People want to work hard for companies that care about them.
  • Incredible Perks: Providing workers with fun incentives gives companies an edge on their competitors. For example, Yahoo provides employees with discounts to ski resorts and theme parks and Southwest Airlines offers free flights to employees, as well as their friends and family. Google ─ a company routinely topping lists as the best place to work ─ offers free food, bocce courts, and a bowling alley. Perks make a company more exciting, helping them to attract top talent.
  • Work-Life Balance: No one wants to spend 80 hours per week at the office. Employees really appreciate a company that allots a generous amount of holidays and paid time off, so they’re able to have a life outside of work. For example, Boeing provides its workers with 12 paid holidays and a winter recess between Christmas and New Year’s. When people are given time to enjoy their personal lives, they’re grateful to the company. Appreciative employees are thankful for their jobs and return the favor by putting their all into their work.
  • Flexible Working Options: Not only does everyone not do their best work while “chained” to a desk, sometimes life happens and people need to be other places during working hours. Companies that allow employees flexibility are rewarded with a staff that thrives, because they’re able to focus on work in a way that fits into their lifestyle ─ rather than the other way around.
  • Management that Listens: It’s not fun to work for a company where you’re expected to silently do as you’re told, instead of sharing your thoughts. Employees want companies that listen to their ideas and take them seriously. Top employers value their workers opinions and make a point to put them into action.

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