If you’re in leadership, you know it’s important to routinely assess your employees. You want to make sure they’re doing the job right. But it’s equally important—sometimes more so—to check up on yourself. Are you being the best leader you can be? How is the relationship between you and your employees? An easy way to gauge the situation is to refer to the acronym VET–Value, Engagement and Trust.

Value: Everyone wants to be respected. Each person wants to be appreciated for their unique set of skills, talents and abilities. A common belief these days is that members of different generations couldn’t be more different from one other—particularly in the workplace. But that’s not the case. The youngest Millennial and the oldest Baby Boomer in the office share at least one major attribute—they both want to feel like their work matters. Whether fresh out of college or 20 years on the job, we all want to feel valued.

Engagement: Engagement is critical in today’s world of never-ending data, distractions and dilemmas. Your vision must resonate across your organization, compelling workers’ minds, hearts and spirits. It’s true that the word “engagement” has become hackneyed in the business world, but it’s crucial; true engagement is what makes a good business a great one.

Trust: Trust is the foundation of everything. If your workers don’t trust you, why should they listen to you? They must trust that you know what’s best for them and for the organization. They must know that you have their best interests at heart.

Remployeeselationships matter and they take time to build. Make sure you are putting effort into your relationship with your employees and regularly checking in on the health of that relationship.