Insights from a Professional Recruiter

A well-crafted résumé can be the key to unlocking exciting career opportunities. As professional recruiters, we have a vested interest in helping candidates present themselves effectively on paper to increase the chances of landing their dream job.

Here, we discuss five essential tips to help you write a better résumé and catch the attention of hiring managers.

Let’s get to work…

Content: Don’t Worry About Length

When it comes to résumés – believe it or not – longer is often better. Remember, the primary purpose of a résumé is to highlight your qualifications and match them with the requirements of the job. So, include all relevant information without worrying about the résumé’s length.

You can always refine and shorten it later before submitting to a hiring manager. Omitting crucial details at this stage may prevent you from being matched to the job and receiving a call or email from a recruiter.

5 Steps To A Better Resume

Details: The More, the Merrier

Many job seekers assume that they can provide additional details and elaborate on their experience during an interview. However, recruiters often rely on specific keywords to identify suitable candidates.

To increase your chances of appearing in search results, include detailed information about how you performed specific tasks and achieved results. This helps ensure that your résumé aligns with the specific experience the client requires, increasing your chances of getting noticed.

Timeline: Choose Chronological Order

Recruiters need to understand not only what you did and how you did it but also where and for how long you performed those tasks. To make this information readily accessible, opt for a chronological résumé format.


Clearly outline your experience under each company or role, highlighting the skills and responsibilities you possessed. If you performed similar tasks in different roles, emphasize them under each relevant position. This approach allows recruiters to quickly assess your cumulative years of experience in specific functions.

Formatting: We Prefer Microsoft Word over PDF

When submitting your résumé, it’s best to use Microsoft Word rather than PDF format. Recruiters often need to format résumés before presenting them to clients, making minor adjustments to the layout and style. PDFs require conversion back to an editable format, which adds an extra step and can complicate the process.

By providing your résumé in Microsoft Word format, you save recruiters time and effort, which can leave a positive impression.

Layout: Keep It Simple

While a visually appealing résumé can be enticing, it’s important to consider compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and databases. Some systems convert résumés to text-only formats, disregarding intricate tables or complex formatting.

Keep It Simple

To anticipate how your résumé may appear in such systems, try selecting all the text, cutting it, and pasting it as plain text in a new document. This exercise gives you an idea of how your résumé will be rendered in text-only formats, ensuring it remains readable and well-structured.

Let’s Get to Work…

By implementing these five tips, you can significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of your résumé. Don’t shy away from providing comprehensive details, opting for a chronological format, using Microsoft Word, and keeping the design simple.

Remember, your résumé is your first impression on recruiters, so invest time and effort in crafting a document that showcases your skills, experiences, and qualifications. With an outstanding résumé, you’ll be on your way to securing the job you’ve been dreaming of. We can’t wait to meet you!