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From Interview to Offer: Four steps to Land the Job

You’ve landed the interview, what’s next?

Your resume got you the interview, but your interview needs to get you the job. Following these five steps will put you on your way.

Ask Questions

This may seem obvious, but many candidates don’t come to the interview prepared to ask questions. It’s stressful enough to sell your merits to the employer, but it’s essential to ask questions about the organization. If you don’t have any questions at all, it may come off to the interviewer as if though you aren’t truly interested in working for them. Be sure to incorporate what you’ve learned about the organization through research.

Make a Personal Connection

Reveal something about yourself that isn’t too personal and that the interviewer can relate to. Whether it’s discovering that you both attended the same college, both follow a certain sports team or enjoy a television show, it can serve as the foundation for a relationship. If you can make a personal connection with the interviewer, he or she will remember you.

Say Thanks

Don’t forget to thank your interviewer for his or her time at the end of the meeting. You should also send a thank you note as soon as possible. More traditional companies may prefer a hand-written note sent through the mail, but most will gladly accept an e-mail. The thank you note should include what you got out of the interview, what you learned about the organization, and how you think you will be a good match. It’s also an opportunity to add something you neglected to mention during the interview. Were you too nervous to say what you needed to say? Was there never an opportunity to mention a skill or personal attribute that will contribute to your job performance? Say it now. This is your chance to clarify anything, clear up any misunderstandings, convey your interest in the position, and show the interviewer that you are courteous. You also can showcase your communication skills. At the end, don’t forget to promise to follow-up. Include details on how and when you will do so.

Follow up

Some companies interview a lot of prospective candidates. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. You’ve put your best foot forward by asking questions, showing interest, making a personal connection and by thanking your interviewer. Now is the time to seal the deal with a follow up. A good rule of thumb is to follow up if a week has passed since you’ve sent your thank you note, and you haven’t heard back. And don’t put your job search on hold while waiting to hear back! Keep things moving. You might even find something that works out better for you.

Interviewing, especially when it’s for a big company or your dream job, can be stressful, but these tips can help you land the job you want.

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