You’ve just landed your preliminary interview, congratulations! But, now what? Aside from creating a strong resume (you can read more about our recent post “How To Create A Resume That Will Get You Hired” for more details), a successful interview is one of the biggest factors for employers to see if you’re a fit for their company. Making an impression during your interview is crucial to snagging that job offer.

Purpose of A Preliminary Interview

The objective for the preliminary job interview can be to screen out the wrong candidates and showcase those who might be the right fit, but there are other reasons a company benefits from the initial interview.  Some of the purposes of a preliminary interview are to determine if you’re suitable for the job and your motivations in addition to discussing the nature and ensuring the expectations of the position will be met.  

Acing Your Preliminary Interview

Going to a job interview can be nerve racking but with proper preparation and a few helpful tips, you will surely excel at that interview. Here are some pro-tips you can use in your initial interview:

Research The Company

Research should always be the first thing you need to do when accepting an interview. Knowing about the company – background, goals, and future plans can help you answer questions like, “How can you add value to the company?”, “What do you know about the company?” and “Why do you want to work here?” The more knowledge you have about the company, the more comfortable you’ll be when talking to the interviewer.

Take Time to Practice

As cliche as it sounds, “practice makes perfect,” (or at least leads to progress.) With that said, don’t go on your interview unprepared. Allot a few hours to practice by conducting mock interviews with a friend or a coach and ask for their feedback. It’s also smart to research and prepare answers to frequently asked interview questions to help refine your answers.

Give Examples

Don’t just provide a list of your accomplishments to you prospective employers. Instead, give them examples of how you were able to achieve goals that had measurable results. What process worked out? How were you able to come up with that idea? Show them your strengths and try to be specific.

Bring Solutions

Employers hire employees who meet their organizational needs and goals. Ask how your future position contributes to the department then emphasize what skills or experience you can bring to help achieve the company’s goals.

Dress Accordingly

Before you go to an interview, try to prepare your clothes days before the interview. Remember, what you wear is a huge part of your first impression. Dressing in a manner that is appropriate to the position/company you’re applying for shows a level of consideration and professionalism.

Body Language

Be attuned to signals your body is sending out. Don’t fidget or glance at your watch as it will make you look uncomfortable – maintain eye contact. You can also mirror some of their gestures. By doing this, it increases your chance of being “liked” by the interviewer because of your similarities.

With these tips in mind, you should have the confidence to go and succeed in your interview. If you need help looking for job opportunities, you can check out our job listings.