Job dissatisfaction is a serious matter in every company, it affects productivity and – like a disease – can spread and demoralize the workforce. However, it should not be a major problem as most of the causes of dissatisfaction can be corrected. Finding a solution to employees’ displeasure can remedy this issue and veer towards productivity which can be attained in a conducive place to look.

Why Combat Job Dissatisfaction?

Aside from reduced productivity, job dissatisfaction can cost a company lost revenue. Employees who came to work and were not fully productive cost USD $1,500 billion per year according to EHS Today. Employees who are unsatisfied with their job also tend to give subpar job performance which is why it’s important to solve this issue right away.

How Companies Can Combat Job Dissatisfaction

Here are some ways how enterprises or managers can fight employee job dissatisfaction and prevent an employee from being unhappy at work:

Provide Clear Set of Goals and Instructions

Make sure to set clear goals and instructions to your employees. By providing them clear instructions, they will have confidence in their performance and duties. You should also make yourself available if they have queries or instructions that are not clear to them.

Give Your Employees Variety of Work

Assigning repetitive work to an employee can be monotonous and result in low productivity. Assign your employees various and challenging tasks. Let them do different tasks once in awhile so they will not succumb to boredom.

Constant Communication With Your Subordinates

Have constant communication with your employees. Open communication line with your employees shows that their opinion/skills matter and that they are considered a valuable part of the team. This also avoids any issues that may arise because of miscommunication.

Maintain No Favoritism Policy

Treat everyone fairly. Favoritism will only create low morale to other employees. Feelings of nepotism in staff can create an idea that their hard work is insignificant and only the favored employee gets recognition leading to employees who don’t feel valued putting in a little effort in their work.

Give Your Employees Recognition

Show your employees that their hard work is fairly recognized and duly appreciated. Praise them for their good performance and let them know that good work doesn’t go unnoticed. Establish a system in which rewards are given to them – this can be in the form of monetary compensation such as raises or bonuses or other rewards such as company events and group outings.

In the end, the keys to preventing employee job dissatisfaction are to train them well, treat them well and lastly, reward them well. By following these simple strategies, you will see that your employees increase their levels of productivity and reduce turnover.