As more companies embrace technology, the traditional way of interviewing a potential employee is also changing. Nowadays, it’s normal for a company to conduct an interview over the internet because it’s efficient and cost saving. If you’re expecting an online interview soon or and want to be prepared, read on.

What To Expect in an Online Interview

Typically, an online interview is done through video chat. Depending on the company, they may give you a set of questions before the actu al interview or a brief of the job position.

How To Prepare for an Online Interview

Online interviews are as vital as in-person interviews so make sure you’re ready before you jump on to Skype. Here are some ways you can prepare for your online interview:

Prepare Your Device

If you’re using a laptop, a desktop computer or even a mobile phone make sure that everything is running fine. Check the specifications are up to par with the requirements of the software (Skype, Google) you’re going to use for the interview. Double check whether your computer is working perfectly.

Have Stable Internet Connection

Avoid embarrassing choppy video or delayed video feed by having a stable internet connection. An online interview relies on a strong internet connection for a smooth conversation with the interviewer. You should also test your internet connection before your interview.

Test Your Peripherals

By peripherals, it pertains to the webcam, headset, microphone, as well as your computer as a whole. Test it out ahead of the interview and few hours before the actual interview to see if they’re working correctly.

Select A Good Location

By a good location, meaning a corner or a room where you can take your interview without distractions. It’s important to get a quiet location, this way you will easily understand the interviewer.

Dress Properly

Even though it’s an online interview, you should still dress properly. In our article, “10 Quick Job Hunting Tips” we talked about the importance of dressing accordingly. The same applies for an online interview; you still have to dress like you’re going to an in-person interview.

Do A Dry Run

Lastly, just to be sure that everything’s set, do a dry run. Conduct a mock online interview with a coach or a friend, then after your mock interview see if everything’s alright, if not, find a solution to how you can fix it. A backup plan for glitches will also come in handy so keep in mind to have Plan B.

If doing an online interview is new to you, it may be a bit unnerving. However, to make sure you’re ready, keep practicing and follow these tips.