Whether you’re a current employee or are on the job hunt, it’s important to promote yourself and get yourself out there. However, how do you promote yourself without over-promoting? Whether it makes you uncomfortable or not, there are ways on how you can promote yourself without feeling weird about it.

Why Promote Yourself?

There are a lot of reasons! One is if you want to increase your visibility at work, you can read our article “Increase Your Visibility At Work With These 5 Tips” to learn more about that topic. Another reason could be to build and expand your network or possibly land a job. Whatever your reason, there’s no harm in promoting yourself as long as you do it the right way, without sounding like a “show-off” or someone who “knows it all.”

Promote Yourself Without Over Promoting

If you’re ready to promote yourself but don’t know how to do so, here are some simple ways to let people in your workplace or network learn about your excellent work.

Let Your Work Speak For You

As cliched as it sounds, one of the most guaranteed ways to promote yourself without looking like you’re showing off is by doing good work. Not just good work, but exceptional work that not highlights the efforts of you and your team. So work hard and don’t stop improving!

Share Your Accomplishments

Yes, you should let your work speak for you but it doesn’t hurt to share your accomplishments, as well. Let your supervisors know what you accomplished – what you did to get the work done and the effort as well as the time you’ve invested. Make sure to go into detail about how your work benefits or have benefitted the company.

Show Your Competence

Another way to promote yourself without over-promoting is by showing your competence. If you want to go up on the career ladder, increase your visibility at work and ditch your bad work habits. Offer suggestions during meetings or volunteer to spearhead projects. By taking the initiative, you’ll stand out as an active employee. And will help draw the attention of your supervisors to the excellent work you’re doing.

Present Your Value

Show your team’s good work and outline each and everyone’s contribution. When you’re promoting others, you promote yourself as well. With that said, when you send progress or quarterly report to your superior, outline your team’s achievement along with key performance indicator. This way you won’t look like you’re just promoting yourself since you’re emphasizing your team’s achievement too.

Self-promotion, when done in a right way, can increase your visibility, and build influence at work or outside work. So, if you want to promote yourself without over-promoting, make sure to follow the tips we listed above.