No matter the size of your company, it’s important to create a set of workplace policies that govern the management and administration of the organization. Not only do these guidelines ensure you’re covering all necessary legal requirements, they also help employees know what types of behaviors are acceptable and what will not be tolerated.

When creating workplace policies, it’s important to clearly state the purpose for creating the guidelines, to give employees a solid understanding of the underlying goal. These rules and regulations allow everyone to be on the same page, as miscommunication on many important issues can lead to major problems for your company.

Benefits of Top Workplace Policies

When it comes to workplace policies, not all are created equally. Be sure to craft the following four polices to keep your company and employees safe:

  • Social Media Policy: These guidelines govern a variety of social media activities, such as what employees can and cannot say about your company on their personal social media pages, whether or not personal social media sites can be accessed during working hours, how your company’s official social media pages should be utilized, and more.
  • Data Protection Policy: This policy governs how you collect, store, and use the personal data of your customers, employees, and others.
  • Wages Policy: Setting rules regarding employee wages and wage increases guarantees that everyone is paid fairly. For example, you may set a salary range for a certain position at $50,000 to $60,000, to make sure there are no huge salary discrepancies between team members. Setting guidelines for annual cost of living increases, such as a three percent maximum, also ensures that everyone receives a fair raise each year.
  • Confidentiality Policy: This set of rules limits access or restricts the sharing of certain types of information, and lists consequences if the policy is violated. Confidential information may be related to sensitive company data, customer details, or both.


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