Nowadays achieving a decent work-life balance can seem like a dream, mostly because of technology, which has made us easier to be accessible 24/7. In a study conducted by American Sociological Review, seventy percent of Americans struggle to find an acceptable balance between family and work life and the number seems to be continually growing over time, causing employees and their families more stress.

The Importance of A Good Work-Life Balance

Studies show that poor work-life balance can result in an unhealthy dose of stress, unhappiness, and even poor job performance. The more people spend time working, the less time they devote to other important activities such as leisure activities, or even time for essential tasks like sleeping or eating. Leisure time is vital for people’s overall well-being and a good amount of quality relaxation has numerous physical and mental health benefits.

How To Achieve Work-Life Balance

If you’ve been spending a lot of hours at work and you’re ready to make some changes, here are some ways on how you can keep your work-life balance in check:

Establish Boundaries

Because of technology, it is easier to keep in the loop with work, though these technological advancements also means that employees can be accessible any time of the day so make it a point to set strict work hours and nonwork hours.

Think More and Work Less

At work, think about to work more efficiently. How can you save time while still doing the same amount of work or more? Try investing in time management apps, put your skills to work and in general, and focus more on improving your processes.

Learn To Prioritize

Assess your daily work: How do you spend your time throughout the day? Which tasks took a lot of time? If you’re spending time on unimportant tasks, cut them out by delegating or brainstorming new ways to automate them. Meanwhile, if you have a few tasks at hand, determine which of those are a high, medium and low priority. This way, you’ll be able to gauge and spend your time wisely.

Ask For Help

Asking for help from your colleagues or supervisors is okay. Employees tend to be more productive when they have a strong support system and it’s also a good way to build a relationship with your colleagues.

Set Aside Family And “Me” Time

Lastly, set a day or even a few hours in a day for your family. No phones or any distractions, just quality time with them. Go to a nice dinner, treat yourself to a spa or just even stay at home and relax. Get some rest, and surely you’ll feel recharged after.

Achieving work-life balance is hard, but with these simple steps, you will soon be able to find that harmony.