In-House Marketing or Marketing Agency: what’s the right fit for young professionals?

August 23, 2019 | Career Advice
In-house Marketing Or Marketing Agency: What’s The Right Fit For Young Professionals?

When choosing to embark on a career in the marketing field, a major decision you’ll face is whether to work “in-house” (in the marketing department of a company) or for an agency. Though the two may seem very similar – it’s all marketing, right? – they are quite different.

Working in-house means your work will likely center around one industry or market. You’ll get to know the ins and outs of one company from top to bottom, from competitive landscape to product lines and future plans. In this environment, your role will include executing strategies that drive toward your company’s overall goals and potentially even managing an agency team that supports your marketing department.

In an agency, you’ll generally find yourself working on a diverse range of projects across multiple industries. Through working with industry professionals in different roles at an agency, new marketers have the exciting opportunity to gain a broader understanding of marketing, media, and advertising that allows them to be exposed to various aspects of the field.

How to decide? Some people’s personality traits are more suited to agency work than in-house employment and vice versa. If you enjoy diverse, fast-paced challenges and managing multiple projects in multiple industries at a time, then you may prefer to start off at a marketing agency. Working alongside a full team of creative minds at an agency will help you keep on top of the latest and greatest communication trends and allow you to develop various skills including client management, strategic thinking and problem solving, timekeeping, multi-tasking and presentation skills.

Working in-house offers many of the same attributes as an agency but with a much greater focus by industry. Through an in-house position, you’ll learn a lot about the company and the markets it serves and have the opportunity to work alongside colleagues in different departments such as sales, business development, strategy, finance, operations and product management. You’ll gain a greater awareness of how a business functions and all the moving pieces work together. Working in-house is a great way to build your skills in strategic thinking, brand positioning, audience analysis, and more.

The best choice between agency and in-house work might be to choose to do both as you begin your career. Gaining exposure and experience in both types of work will allow you to determine which path is the right fit for you. At TalentBridge, we are able to guide you through the different opportunities and partner with you to understand your overall goals and desires. Send us an email and let’s start a dialogue.