You know how important it is to keep your business on the cutting edge. No doubt you’re constantly seeking to revise your technologies and business practices to keep an edge over the competition. Is your hiring process outdated? But when’s the last time you updated your hiring process? Are you still screening applicants the same way you did five or ten years ago? If so, it’s probably time for a change so you can snag better hires and keep that edge where it really counts — with your people!

Here’s what you might be doing wrong:

Lengthy Job Applications

Finding the perfect candidate starts with the job application. But in today’s world, where we can have pizzas, shoes, and even a ride to the theater delivered straight to our front door with a few taps on our phones, no one wants to spend more than a couple of minutes filling out a form. By the time a lengthy application is completed, many candidates have lost enthusiasm for the position. Try to keep your application process streamlined and laser-focused on what’s most important for the position.

Personality Tests

Personality tests serve an important purpose. They can be used by HR or management to ensure that a candidate will fit into the culture of the organization and truly be the best person for the job. However, a  test at the application stage is premature—and a waste of the applicant’s time. If you feel that you need a personality test, it’s better to wait until the applicant has made it past the first cut.

Interview After Interview After Interview

Some larger companies are known for their strenuous hiring process, usually consisting of an initial phone interview followed by several in-person interviews and assessments. This might seem like the best way to find the right candidate, but a lot of great people will get burned out before they finish the entire thing. A shorter—but more in-depth—course will do the trick.

If your hiring process is makes candidates feel like they’re running a gauntlet it might be time for an update. Meet with your HR team and take a look at what you’re doing and what needs to change. A more streamlined and user-friendly hiring process means more—and better—candidates.

Your company’s hiring process is critical to the success of your mission because nothing is more important than finding the right people for your team. It can be complicated and frustrating getting all the pieces to fit together. Fortunately for you, there’s TalentBridge! If you’re in the Charlotte area get in touch with us today and our Human Resources Advisory team will help you develop an awesome new hiring process that will take your team to the next level!