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Workforce Management: Successfully Hiring Millennial Talent

Millennials have a lot to add to the workforce. They’re energetic, eager to learn and passionate about everything they do. However, this young generation is also commonly characterized as entitled, coddled and overly sensitive. If you already have a few on your team, you’re well aware that you need to take an entirely different approach […]

Questions Top Candidates Will Ask You during an Interview

You can tell a lot about a candidate based on the types of questions they ask. Remember: It’s not just your interview; it’s theirs, too. By being prepared to answer these questions, you’ll be better positioned to attract and close the best talent. At the same time, you’ll gain valuable insight into a candidate’s personality, […]

Maybe Consider that Job Hopper?

Many employers  look for a history of longevity in service when considering  candidates for a position. But could you be missing out on excellent people by judging them on the length of time on the job? The economic climate has changed over the last few years, and frequent job changes don’t always bear the stigma […]