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Lower Workforce Costs. Less Risk. More Flexibility. Ready to Sign on?

The quality of your staff can make or break your business, so you want only the brightest, most talented workers on your team. However, high-performing employees aren’t always easy to find or affordable to retain on a full-time basis. Many companies have solved this issue by hiring temporary staff ─ offering the best of both […]

How to Investigate a Candidate’s Employment History

“Why did you leave your last job, and what have you been doing since then?” This is the first question you need answered as you verify a candidate’s employment history. You may need to probe more deeply into their professional past as well, but this is where you “hit start” in the process. Get the […]

Talent Bridge Welcomes Steve Gruber

We would like to welcome Steve Gruber to the Talent Bridge family! Steve started with us on Monday 8/11 in our Engineering space as a Sr. Engineering Recruiter. He comes to us with over eight years of recruiting experience from Tecumseh, Michigan, hoping to enjoy warmer winters and be closer to family. Steve resides in […]

Employment in Charlotte: Tax Analyst

Are you great with numbers, pristinely organized, and enjoy the opportunity for continuing education? If so, working as a tax analyst might be your ideal career. As part of the accounting umbrella, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in tax, accounting, audit or business management is typically needed to work in the field. According to […]

Talent Management: What is it?

It’s certainly no secret that a company is only as strong as its employees. It takes a team of intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated people to propel an organization to success. Many companies wrongfully believe that after they hire the best and brightest people for the job, their work is done. However, this couldn’t be farther […]

Employment in Charlotte: Accountant

Do you have a strong set of math skills and a sharp eye for detail? If so, consider putting your analytical and organizational talents to work as an accountant. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of May 2012, approximately 9,090 people in the Charlotte area were employed as accountants and auditors […]

Teamwork, Determination, Enthusiasm…

Teamwork, Determination, Enthusiasm: Three words that describe the newly-formed Talent Bridge intramural kickball team What better way to start a new competitive season than with a “Double Header” match? For many members of the Talent Bridge squad, these two games were their firsts. With a little strategy and creativity from experienced teammates, Talent Bridge opened […]

Star of the Week Award: Brian Dieckhoff

  Each week during our staff meeting, a peer-to-peer award called “Star of the Week” is given out to an employee who exemplifies our Talent Bridge Mission Statement, goes above and beyond in their duties, and/or who has achieved a significant accomplishment. Each new award-winner will then give out the star to the next recipient […]

Dressed for Success

We have some twins in our office today! Jennifer English and Holly Gillis got the memo and are dressed for success; looking great, ladies! The Talent Bridge office is OPEN today, weather permitting. It’s a great day to send in your resume!