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Using Sales Strategies to Get a Job Offer

If you think about it, a job search is very similar to a sales pitch. You’re tasked with marketing yourself to companies as the best possible candidate for the job. It’s not enough to simply submit a resume and hope for the best ─ you need to make it clear why you’re the perfect fit […]

Hire better. Cut costs. Reduce risk.

Hiring is probably one of your biggest expenditures – and risk exposures. And it’s easy to waste a lot of money and time if you don’t do it right. Partnering with a staffing agency can help drive down advertising and recruiting costs and slash the time you spend screening, interviewing and vetting candidates. By leveraging […]

Preparing Your Staff for a Temporary Workforce

Whether you’re anticipating a spike in business or need the interim services of professionals with specialized skill sets, hiring temporary workers can help your organization save time, money and a great deal of stress. However, it’s important to properly transition your permanent employees to ensure they understand the goals and value of bringing in a […]

Your Long Hiring Process is Costing You Talent

The importance of hiring the right people for your team cannot be downplayed, as a bad hire can negatively impact your entire organization. However, there is such a thing as being too cautious when making a hiring decision. If your company has a long, drawn-out hiring process, you actually may be doing more harm than […]

Are you Battling Attrition?

Long-term employees are the key to the lasting success of every organization. If you’re constantly receiving resignation letters, every aspect of your company will suffer. When people are truly satisfied with their jobs, they don’t look elsewhere for work. It’s important to uncover the reason behind your high rates of attrition now, so you can […]

The Key to Interview Success- Evaluating the Bottom Line

Choosing the right candidate for the job is often a very difficult decision. It’s important to ensure the person has both the necessary skills to excel in the position and that they fit into your company culture ─ anything less just won’t do. While it’s relatively easy to ensure the candidate has the necessary skill […]

Employment in Charlotte: Executive Assistant

Are you super organized, always on time, and a pro at scheduling? If so, you may be a natural as an executive assistant. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 6,530 people in the Charlotte area are employed as executive assistants, as of May 2012. Executive assistants working in the Charlotte area […]