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Using Sales Strategies to Get a Job Offer

If you think about it, a job search is very similar to a sales pitch. You’re tasked with marketing yourself […]

Hire better. Cut costs. Reduce risk.

Hiring is probably one of your biggest expenditures – and risk exposures. And it’s easy to waste a lot of […]

Preparing Your Staff for a Temporary Workforce

Whether you’re anticipating a spike in business or need the interim services of professionals with specialized skill sets, hiring temporary […]

Your Long Hiring Process is Costing You Talent

The importance of hiring the right people for your team cannot be downplayed, as a bad hire can negatively impact […]

Are you Battling Attrition?

Long-term employees are the key to the lasting success of every organization. If you’re constantly receiving resignation letters, every aspect […]

The Key to Interview Success- Evaluating the Bottom Line

Choosing the right candidate for the job is often a very difficult decision. It’s important to ensure the person has […]

Employment in Charlotte: Executive Assistant

Are you super organized, always on time, and a pro at scheduling? If so, you may be a natural as […]