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Why Your Talent is Leaving

If it seems like you’re constantly filling positions left vacant by employees who didn’t work for your company very long in the first place, it’s time to determine why so many people are leaving. Highly satisfied employees don’t often seek employment elsewhere, so you definitely need to use this as a learning experience and implement […]

Are you Battling Attrition?

Long-term employees are the key to the lasting success of every organization. If you’re constantly receiving resignation letters, every aspect of your company will suffer. When people are truly satisfied with their jobs, they don’t look elsewhere for work. It’s important to uncover the reason behind your high rates of attrition now, so you can […]

The Extreme Costs of Turnover

If you think the hassle of interviewing candidates to fill a vacant position is the only cost associated with employee turnover ─ think again. Earlier in the year we examined “The True Cost of Hiring,” digging into the sky-high price tag attached to employee turnover. In the post, we noted that if you’re planning to […]

Talent Management: Key to Improving Engagement

Making good hiring decisions is the first step towards building a strong workforce that your organization can count on. However, once you get them in the door, you have to keep working to foster employee engagement, so they remain satisfied with their jobs and committed to your company. Disengaged employees have high levels of turnover, […]

Want to be the Best Leader? Put Yourself First.

The age-old belief says the best leaders always put the needs of others first, saving their own for last. However, this may not be the most effective approach after all. In fact, when you make yourself your number one priority, you allow yourself to grow as a leader ─ which of course benefits everyone. When […]