15yearsTBFriday, January 27 marks the 15th business anniversary for TalentBridge, a local professional search, staffing, and HR advisory firm. TalentBridge has continued to flourish over the years from its humble beginnings as a startup to a full service firm with over 50 in house professionals and employing more than 1,000 temporary associates daily.  The firm specializes in:  Accounting/Finance, IT, Engineering, Office and Administrative, Customer Care, and Human Resources.

Co-founders Bradford C. Violette and Brady L. Teague began the company with the vision of helping Charlotte companies attract talent and build world class teams.

“We have believed from the beginning that there is a definitive value in the service that we provide,” said Violette in a staff meeting looking forward to the event. “Not only are we helping clients to identify, attract, and develop their talent, we are also advancing the careers of the hardworking people of this city.”

Brady Teague has always believed that the work they do enriches the community in many ways.  “It is humbling to think of the thousands of people that we have put to work over the years.  Connecting them to opportunities and providing career and coaching advice that they might not be exposed to on their own.”

The assistance TalentBridge provides to this community extends beyond the ordinary workday. Since the beginning, the company has had a strong commitment to local charities.

One such organization, Samaritan’s Feet International has received treasure but more importantly countless volunteer hours of servant leadership from Violette, Teague and the entire TalentBridge team.

“We have enjoyed a great relationship with Manny and Samaritan’s Feet for several years now and our hands on involvement in sharing a message of hope with the children of Charlotte is priceless” said Mr. Violette. “To date they have given over six and a half million pairs of shoes to children in need across the globe.  We are blessed to be a small part of their mission.”

What’s next?  Violette and Teague are committed to being the number one professional search and staffing firm in the markets they serve.  Their goal is to double the size of the company over the next five years.

“It’s an ambitious goal, but we are convinced that we can do it because of the quality of our team.  In many ways, we’re just getting started!” said Teague.